• $60.42

    Women Waist Trainer Latex Corsets Cincher

    Fat Burn: With a balanced diet and reasonable exercise, accelerate sweating and fat burning, let metabolize faster.

    Local Sauna: Promote local blood circulation, increase the temperature of waist and abdomen.

    Postpartum Recovery: Tighten waist and abdomen muscles and make them more stronger.

    Spine Correction: Keep the spine in the right position by improving overall posture.

    Reduce Back Pain: Preventing and correcting hunchback, great decrease back pain.

    Shape Breasts: Underbrust design to make breasts upright and charming.

    Protecting: Protecting core muscle groups and reduce the risk of injury during sporting.

    Hourglass Body Shaper: Get about 3-4 inch waist line reduction instantly.

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